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The Publicaton of the First Book Dedicated to Burmese Silver Art since 1904

Burmese Silver Art

Masterpieces Illuminating Buddhist, Hindu & Mythological Stories of Purpose and Wisdom

by David C Owens

Noble Silver is pleased to announce the publication of ‘Burmese Silver Art’ by David C Owens. This richly illustrated and informative volume includes stunning photos of 100 pieces of the finest-quality silverwork in the ‘Noble Silver Collection’.

Burmese Silver Art’ is published by Marshall Cavendish Editions. It can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and Book Depository. The volume will be available for purchase in book stores and on-line in Singapore in July, in the United Kingdom and Europe in September and in the United States in December 2020.

Burmese silversmiths produced a magificent body of work between the mid-19th and early 20th century. From ceremonial betel boxes and offering bowls to vases, jars and tea services, these artefacts reveal an unsurpassed mastery of technique and decorative art.